Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different colors of fox tails that you have available? How fluffy is each breed, typically?

Here is a handy chart for comparing the colorations and sizes of our naturally colored fox tails. Any dyed tails will always be based on either the arctic, or silver, fox tail. 

Where and how are your products created?

We have a small, private workshop/office in New York City. We employ a tiny staff of designers and makers who individually hand-craft each piece to order. Every item is made by hand in the USA out of the finest furs and leathers that are available. 

Are all of your furs and leather the real thing?

Yes! At this time, we only use genuine, natural, authentic fur and leather; never artificial or synthetic.

Where do you get your furs and skins?

Manhattan has a "fur district" where we purchase our materials in bulk from auctions and garment suppliers.
I guess you could say we are technically up-cycling/re-cycling these materials since they are not used in the garment making process and would have otherwise been discarded.

But I'm vegan!

We understand.  But for us, fur is actually a more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetics, as it is an organic material, it will break back down into its constituent components once you are through with it and leave it to the elements. Whereas an artificial plastic-based faux fur will likely never break down at all, thus contributing to our continuing pollution problems. Additionally, synthetic furs are made out of plastics, which are manufactured from fossil fuels, which are a finite and non-renewable resource. These plastic tails are typically made in 3rd world countries where the workers are treated poorly, and there are no safety regulations the oversee what they can (and can not) be made out of. Another contributing factor of plastics made overseas is that their boat shipping contributes to the pollution of the planet, whereas we source and make everything here in the USA.


Can I pull on my tail or sit on my tail? 

We recommend that there is no pulling on the tail. Slight tugs may not hurt your tail but overtime could cause damage. Sitting on the tail is a big no. The leather can become stressed or cracked and rip. Our tails our structured very well, but being the nature of the item, each item strength, durability, and looks are never 100% similar. 





How long does it take to make my toy?

Items that are ready-to-buy in our shop take 1 to 3 BUSINESS days (we do not work on weekends or holidays). Custom orders will vary depending on complexity.

Is your packaging discrete? What about the billing?

Yes, our packaging is VERY discrete! Depending on what you buy, it will either ship in a flat, yellow, plain, bubble envelope; or in a long, brown, plain, unmarked box. There will be nothing on the package except for the shipping label, which will says "TSA/Serbos Inc" and our address. However, if you are an international customer, by law, we have to detail the contents of the parcel on the customs forms.
The billing identifier sill simply say "SERBOS".

How long does shipping take?

For domestic orders going to the lower 48 United States via USPS First Class, it can take up to 14 BUSINESS days. Please be patient. 
If you choose Priority Mail instead, the USPS guarantees a 1 to 3 day delivery window. If your package takes longer than that, you need to file a claim with the USPS. 
International orders will depend on where you are, but you should give it AT LEAST one month before inquiring about its wherabouts.

Do you do rush orders?

Yes! For an extra $25.00 fee, we will move your items to the top of our production queue. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! HOWEVER, you need to understand the importing laws of your country and determine whether or not what you want is legal for you to have shipped to your location. We are not responsible if your package is confiscated by your customs authority because you were trying to purchase items that are illegal in your country. 
You will also very likely have to pay dues and taxes/tariffs to claim your parcel. WE DO NOT PAY THIS FEE FOR YOU. Additionally, we HAVE TO, by law, detail the contents of the parcel on the shipping label, as well as their actual value, we will NOT falsify international declaration forms! Do not ask us to, as your request to do so will be ignored.
Also, please be aware that First Class shipping internationally can take up to a month to arrive; additionally, once the parcel has left the United States, our postal service can no longer track it. If there is an issue with your package and it is already in your country you must contact your local postal service to straighten out any issues. 

What currency does your website use?

All of our prices are displayed in US Dollars only. What appears on your billing statement from your bank/credit card will likely display in your local currency, because of this, the total amounts may appear to differ. Please understand this is just the currency conversion.

Do you do custom orders?

A resounding yes, yes, yes! Please see this page to place a custom order request. Please note, however, that not everything will always be possible, but we will do our absolute best to work together with you to make your fantasies a reality! No request is too big, or too small! However, please also note that there are NO returns, exchanges, refunds, or replacements on ANY custom order. Every C.O. is strictly a final sale.

Can you dye your furs any color that I want?

The short answer is....not really. We unfortunately do not dye any of our tails "in-house", we have to send them out to be professionally dyed, and our dyers generally require between 50-100 tails PER COLOR. We do, however, have quite a lot of colors in stock! If you don't see what you're looking for, please drop us a line and we will see if we have it (as not all of our products are always online).

Do you ever have sales?

We have promotions going on ALL THE TIME! Please check out (and follow) our Tumblr page to see them, as we don't post them anywhere else.

I received my order and something is incorrect/missing/broken! What do I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible, and please include photos and details. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your products and would like the opportunity to correct any errors that may have been made. 

How do I care for my fur and leather toys?

Use mild soap (no dyes, no fragrances) on a lint-free washcloth. Washcloth should be damp, NOT wet (wring out as much water from the cloth as you can). Do NOT submerge in water. Hang to dry, and brush gently.
Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray, or other chemicals on your fur. The alcohol content in those products will dry the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.
If your fur gets wet SHAKE it out and hang to dry in a well ventilated room.
Avoid direct heat, sun exposure, and/or radiators - they will damage fur and leather.
Always store in a dark, cool, dry place when not in use.

Will I get the tail that's in the picture?

The first sentence on the item's description will state  "this is the exact tail that you will receive", if that is the case (generally only with clearance items).
Otherwise, please note that if the listing does not say that, then assume that you won't receive the exact same tail that is in the photo. Every fur is a unique piece of nature just as the animal is came from is disctinctly unique from the next one, and as such, the colors and patterns will vary from piece to piece and from the photograph on the listing.

Can I pull on my tail?

No. Please do NOT pull on your tail! They are very fragile and require gentle care when in use and when being stored. If your tail breaks due to having been pulled, we will not honor any kind of replacement request. Abuse of your toys does not fall under our replacement conditions.

What kind of warranty or guarantee policy do you have for your handcrafted fur and leather products?

If you receive a damaged, broken, or incorrect item in your shipment, please alert us as soon as possible for us to fix it for you.  We will honor this policy for up to 14 days after you receive your product.
After 14 days, the initial product warranty no longer applies and no replacements, refunds, or repairs will be honored, unless you have purchased additional insurance.
If, at some point down the road past 14 days, your toy becomes broken and you have purchased insurance along with your item, we will repair it for free  at any time within ONE YEAR of the date of your purchase.  You must purchase one insurance PER ITEM that you want to protect.
After one year, no more warranties of any kind are express, or implied.