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The Spank Academy delights in making all of your fetishes and fantasies come to life!
We use only the highest quality materials that are available, and each piece is individually hand-crafted to order in the USA, according to our customer specifications. 

We have plugs that are both Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel. The Aluminum Alloy plug is made to look like the stainless steel finish. If you have a metal allergy please contact us to make sure you order the correct plug!

The owner is a 3rd generation master furrier, and has been, along with his talented staff, crafting luxurious adult toys for over 15 years. 

We make these products with a true passion and take a tremendous amount of pride in creating these unique items. Every single product is made with a loving touch; each piece is a true work of art, and with the proper care will last a lifetime. Our toys are made with extreme care and are of superior quality. It is our mission to fulfill all of your naughty desires!

What sets The Spank Academy apart from other fur suppliers is that each piece is drum-cleaned and steamed by our professional furrier ON-SITE before they are attached to a plug and shipped to you. No other tail plug sellers on the internet have the kind of industry-standard commercial cleaning equipment that we have here in our workshop, GUARANTEED. 

What the drum-cleaning process does is sanitizes the fur to remove bacteria and other contaminants to make it fit for personal use (since it was, after all, a real, wild animal at some point!). 
It also removes any lingering debris and foreign matter, as well as excess loose hairs to prevent future shedding.
The fur is then steamed to further clean, sanitize, and fluff the fur.

We also glaze (after the cleansing and steaming) our furs as well to ensure a healthy sheen to bring about its natural luster; this adds extra fullness and makes it softer to the touch.


Crafting the best fur and leather adult toys in the business since the early 2000's!

 Compare for yourself The Spank Academy difference!


Our New Detachable Stainless Steel Plug!

  • This design serves two main purposes. One purpose is that you are now able to switch tails or plugs much easily, with a more natural look. The screw is made form a durable steel.


  • The second purpose and one of the most liked, is that pro-longed wear is now much more comfortable. The "T" shape allows it to not press against the rectum  as tight. We also solved that problem by extending the shaft allowing more room for play or more room for the buttocks.


  • This design is much easier to clean as you can now separate the plug from tail.


  • Keep in mind, this design looks identical to our Non Detachable, so you still have the best of both worlds!


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All Ace Silicone Plugs Are Detachable For Cleaning Purposes!


Stainless Steel With Lobster Claw, also labeled as S/S W/LC


Ace Silicone Plugs !