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Now offering our new detachable stainless steel plugs!


This design serves two main purposes. One purpose is that you are now able to switch tails or plugs much easily, with a more natural look. The screw is made from a durable steel.


The second purpose and one of the most liked, is that pro-longed wear is now much more comfortable. The "T" shape allows it to not press against the rectum as tight. We also solved that problem by extending the shaft allowing more room for play or more room for the buttocks.


This design is much easier to clean as you can now separate the plug from the tail and keep the fur dry and out of harmful materials way!! It is also designed to look the same way as our non detachable plugs! Now you can have the best of both worlds!


Fox Tail Butt Plugs, Princess Plugs, Leather Floggers, Fur Handcuffs, Cosplay Ears, Stainless Steel Bondage Gear, Fur and Leather Sex Toys, BDSM Restraints, Rave Tails, Cosplay Tails, and More!

 We specialize in fulfilling all of your pet-play, furry/plushie, bondage, cosplay, bdsm, role-play, and kinky fantasies!

All of our products are individually hand-made to-order from the finest furs and leather


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