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Please note* We sell a lobster claw detachable and a T Handle Detachable. Please select carefully. We are not responsible for you selecting a lobster claw when wanting a T Handle. If you are unsure, please shoot us an email. We will be glad to help and get you the correct product. 

ALL PRICES ARE IN United States Dollar. Please check your currency value to determine your cost. ALL Costs Are Shown In USD.

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Fox Tail Butt Plugs, Princess Plugs, Leather Floggers, Fur Handcuffs, Cosplay Ears, Stainless Steel Bondage Gear, Fur and Leather Sex Toys, BDSM Restraints, Rave Tails, Cosplay Tails, and More!

 We specialize in fulfilling all of your pet-play, furry/plushie, bondage, cosplay, bdsm, role-play, and kinky fantasies!

All of our products are individually hand-made to-order from the finest furs and leather


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