Small Animal Tails

10"-12" Mink Tail #2 available on 4 styles, 3 Sizes!


This (REAL, never synthetic!) mink tail butt-plug is the perfect plaything for those who have a fur fetish/fantasy. Add extra stimulation and new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression. Celebrate your culture; it's perfect for private parties or public conventions! 

This tail has a unique natural swish to its movement when it brushes against your skin. You will be absolutely enamored with how sturdy it is and wild it makes you feel!

Please note that every fur is a unique piece of nature, and as such, the colors and patterns will vary slightly from piece to piece, the photograph on the listing will not be the exact same as the item you receive.

Our tail sizes are measured BEFORE they are assembled to the plugs. This means that the tail you receive will measure slightly smaller because of the process required to attach them. Your tail may APPEAR smaller than it actually is.


You may order the tail with or without a plug attached. 
You may also choose for the plug to be detachable or non detachable (T-Handle) 

  • This design serves two main purposes. One purpose is that you are now able to switch tails or plugs much easier, with a more natural look. The screw is made from a durable steel.

  • The second purpose, one of the most liked, is that pro-longed wear is now much more comfortable. The "T" shape allows it to not press against the rectum as tight. We also solved that problem by extending the shaft allowing more room for play or more room for the buttocks.

  • This design is much easier to clean as you can now separate the plug from the tail.

You can order the tail with a lobster claw attachment (without a plug) for clipping it onto whatever you choose

OR a lobster claw (L/C) attachment with a stainless steel plug (silicone plugs cannot come with a lobster claw attachment, as they are already detachable)

If you would like your stainless steel plug to be detachable, please choose "w/LC" from the drop down menu; otherwise it will be non-detachable.

Our plug comparison photo is NOT TO SCALE, please READ the written dimensions and understand them before placing an order. We are not responsible for your choices with regards to the plug size arriving either smaller or larger than you “thought they would be”.

*Please also note that silicone toys must NOT be combined with silicone lube, please ONLY use water-based lubricants to ensure that you do not damage your item!

*Our steel plugs can be used with any lube you like!


Due to the intimate nature of these products; we cannot accept returns. Please refer to our ‘Shipping & Returns’ page for Q&A’s.

Please don't be fooled by cheap, copy-cat imitations; our furs are far superior to those offered by our competitors. Our fur is the freshest fur around. We take pride on each product we handcraft and all of our customers are very satisfied!

Looking for a different length of this tail? Please drop us a line! We probably have it!

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