"One Of A Kind" Fox Tails

**C085** White Fox Bunny Tail Dyed Bright Purple with a Small Stainless Steel Plug -


This Genuine (never synthetic) Fox Bunny Tail is the perfect play thing for those who have a fur fetish/fantasy. It is incredibly soft and plush for that extra stimulation and add new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression. Celebrate your culture; it's perfect for private parties or public conventions!

This bunny tail is so soft, when it brushes against your skin, you will be absolutely enamored with how sturdy it is, and wild it makes you feel.

This super fluffy White Fox Fur Bunny Tail Dyed Bright Purple comes as is, with small stainless steel plug. The pictured tail is a one of a kind and the one that will be discreetly shipped to the location of your choice!

**camera lighting and viewing devices may cause colors to view differently**

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