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Choose your own colors! Rabbit Fur and Leather Love Glove, Spanking/Massaging Mitt. 84 different color combinations! - Cosplay, Kinky, Naughty, Freaky BDSM Fur Fandom,


This beautiful "love glove" is essential for the erotic, sensuous playtime your partner is craving with our unbearably soft rabbit fur on one side soft, and supple genuine leather on the other side.

Alternate using both sides of the glove to massage and/or spank your partner, depending on how naughty or nice they've been! This is perfect for giving a sweet treat, or for dishing out a slap!

-The right-handed glove has the fur on top and leather on bottom (for spanking with your right hand/massaging with your left hand).
-The left-handed glove has the leather on bottom and fur on top (for massaging with your right hand/spanking with your left hand).

You can choose the leather color AND the fur color! You will prompted to do so when you add this item to your cart.
Not all color combinations are pictured. More coming soon!

Natural Brown fur is not pictured, but is available.
Fuchsia fur is pictured in the first image.

Black leather is pictured here for demonstrative purposes, but you can choose any other available leather color instead. 

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