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12" Rabbit Fur and Black Leather Mini Flogger, Choice of 12 Fur Colors! - Cosplay, Kinky, Naughty, Freaky BDSM Fur Fandom


Mix the sinful with the sumptuous with this beautiful mini 12" black leather and genuine rabbit fur flogger! Extremely soft rabbit fur combined with the lashing sting of leather will give you a delightfully wicked sensation!
Rabbit fur comes in your choice of 1 of 12 gorgeous colors! All leather will be black.

This flogger has 6-8 fur falls, and 14-16 leather falls.
Falls measure 8" long, handle is 4" long. Comes with attached D-Ring.

Every fur is a unique piece of nature, and as such, the colors and patterns will vary slightly from piece-to-piece; the photograph on the listing may not be the exactly same as the item you receive.
No two items will be identical due to the hand-made aspect of our products.

Fur color:
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12 in fur and leather floggers ALL.jpg
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