**B006** 9" Indigo Fox Tail Dyed Red w/Stainless Steel Medium Plug - ANIMAL BUTT PLUG, FOX TAIL BUTT PLUG, TAIL BUTT PLUG, BDSM-TAIL, SEX TOYS, ANAL PLUG

20.00 30.00

This Dyed Genuine (never synthetic) Fox Tail is the perfect play thing for those who have a fur fetish/fantasy. It is incredibly soft and plush for that extra stimulation and add new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression. Celebrate your culture; it's perfect for private parties or public conventions!

This tail has a unique natural swish to its movement, when it brushes against your skin, you will be absolutely enamored with how sturdy it is, and wild it makes you feel.

**This super fluffy red tail is sold as is with a medium stainless steel plug**

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