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NEW! Extra Large Stainless Steel Jeweled Butt Plug! 13 Colors Available ! - Princess Plug, Anal Plug, Princess Butt Plug, Bling Bling Plug, Accessory Plug

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Add some bling to your backside! This "princess plug" comes in one LARGE size for the curious kitten!

*******W/LC LOOP - meaning that you can attach it to a tail you have with a Lobster Claw!******

Solid zinc-alloy plugs are coated in lead-free stainless steel with your choice of 13 rainbow jewel colors (jewels are faceted plastic).

Our steel plugs can be used with any lube you like.

Extra Large Size! 

Weight: 250 Grams! / 8.9 OZ
Total Length: 4 inches / 10.16 cm
Insert Length: 3.75 inches / 9.53 cm
Circumference( distance around the plug): 6 inches/ 15.24 cm
Diameter( Width of Plug): 2 inches/ 5.08 cm / 50.8 mm

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