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Rex-Rabbit Fur and Black Leather Spiked Restraint Collar, Choice of 1 of 8 Fur Colors!!


Beautiful handmade rex-rabbit fur and black leather spiked collar restraint.

Each restraint has a D-Ring in the center, and 3 small stainless steel spikes on each side of the D-Ring (6 spikes total).

Black leather strap is riveted to the fur, fur is double sided. 

Please measure your neck and specify the size (in inches) in your order notes when you are checking out, as this item will be custom made to fit you (though they will all come with adjustment holes for tightening or loosening where necessary).

Colors are:

  • Black (pictured)
  • White (pictured)
  • Hot Orange
  • Fuchsia (pictured)
  • Baby Blue
  • Baby Pink
  • Animal Print
  • Dark Brown
Fur Color:
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fuchsia rex collar copy.jpg
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